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Our highly skilled engineers are equipped with the skills to diagnose and resolve almost any issue you may encounter. In the unlikely event that we are unable to diagnose your issue we do not charge; leaving you safe in the knowledge that you only pay for the services that you receive.

If we are unable to carry out the repairs whilst we are with you, we will carefully transport your PC back to our specialist workshop, without charge, where we will be better equipped to ascertain the root cause of the issues that you are facing.

Any type of device that you may have, be it a laptop, desktop, printer, network storage device (NAS) or home server we are here to fix any problems that you may encounter. Our 30 years of combined experience means that we have faced almost every issue imaginable and no matter how catastrophic it may seem we will provide you with a hassle free fix.

Software licenses and replacement parts are not included in the price.

Every device connected to the Internet is at risk of infection and as such, from time to time, your device may become infected. This poses many risks, from the loss of private data, such as bank details and email accounts to the loss and corruption of personal files such as photos and documents. Our specialist team are here to ensure that your most valuable information and files stay safe and secure.

As with a car a computer is a finely tuned instrument and as such requires servicing to keep it running optimally, our multi-point health check ensures that you won't come across the common complaints that plague PC users. Unexpected shutdowns, crashes, freezes and component failure can all be either prevented or diagnosed through periodic checkups. Health checks plays a massive part in the prevention of the loss of sensitive and important data such as family photos or work files which you can't replace or recover once a component has completely failed.

Backups are always overlooked when in reality they should be at the forefront of everyone's minds. We have so much personal information and memories stored within digital formats without a thought as to what would happen if these were lost through theft, failure or damage. Our backup solutions enable you to keep all of these files redundantly backed up whilst also being easily accessed by every device in your home through your own personal cloud. There is no "one size fits all" solution to this problem and as such we are here to cater to your current and future needs.

We know that setting up a PC can be daunting and as such we are here to help with software, hardware, printer setup and general troubleshooting. If you want to learn or just need someone to get the job done then give us a call and see how we can help.

Home videos are one of the most important forms of keeping memories alive although with all of these old media formats they are prone to degradation over time. Using our specially designed conversion techniques we transfer these videos from the original into an easily viewable digital format that will not degrade. We handle all types of media so instead of losing those videos, protect them.

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